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The world is waiting for Shudan Wang and Hollywood is calling the actress many believe is a future Bond girl.

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Shudan Wang is a remarkable young woman. She left China to study economics at UCLA but along the way got the acting bug. She graduated last year with a degree in Economics and a minor in Theater. Of course, this child prodigy was destined to make it and make it big. Hollywood is calling what some in the industry say could be a future Bond Girl.

She has all the tools; looks, martial arts expertise, a trained classical pianist since age 4 and just enough of a rebellious streak to put the fear into James Bond. And she is highly intelligent.
She spent 12 years in a Chinese boarding school in her home town not far from Shanghai.  Practicing four hours a day from age five, her piano playing got noticed. Entering competition after competition she consistently won top honors. Then it was martial arts, and dance which were both deeply spiritual for the young woman.

Always getting straight A's in school it was time to come to America and get a degree. During her time she was encouraged to try her hand at acting. She found out her smile got bigger when acting rather than computing numbers.

"Economics now supports the acting," she told Interesting People with Bob Brill.
She is currently working and waiting on films now in Post Production and soon hopes to see her name spread across big screens world wide; especially in her native China. There her parents can get to see both educations they paid for. Join us for a wonderful and interesting interview.


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