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CHRIS MONTGOMERY BENDER Hollywood Talent Agent/White House Lawyer

Chris Montgomery Bender is the head of Prodigy Talent, a Hollywood Talent Agency and a former White House lawyer. Check out this episode! Chris Montgomery Bender likes to joke he’s on the third mortgage of his soul. He’s been: 1. White House lawyer 2. Political operative 3. Hollywood talent agent Those three professions are enough to put anybody down at the bottom of the list of most beloved people. Chris is different though.  In our podcast; “Interesting People with Bob Brill” he talks about his humble beginnings and how he wanted to do something with his life to make an impact. As a teen-ager he began working for a local politician in Colorado. A savvy learner, he took that all the way up the food chain in the state and then to the national stage with a stop in law school in between. Working in the George W. Bush White House was an experience he cherished and as he tells us “you never forget what it’s like to stand in the Oval Office no matter what your


This episode's Interesting Person is Harvard trained psychiatrist Dr. Srini Pillay who really is a master of the brain. He's much more than a medical doctor for the brain. He's one of the most sought after mentors and consultants for the Fortune 500 club. Sit back and enjoy the conversation. Check out this episode! Who would pick up the phone from thousands of miles away and call Harvard University and say “I want to go to school there?” And then get someone on the phone and get in. Try a young man of Indian descent growing up in South Africa.  Dr. Srini Pillay is a world renown psychiatrist who does more than have office hours at Harvard. He is hired by Fortune 500 Companies to come in and make a difference. And he has the coolest shoes. Srini, and he prefers that to Dr. Pillay, talks about the brain and he in our podcast you will learn more about your brain than you ever thought you could imagine. The first time I heard him speak I had no idea what the


This episodes Interesting Person is the Original Mr. Wonderful, Rock Riddle , world champion wrestler. He's retired from the ring (sort of) and is now a Hollywood Publicist. He has some great stories to tell and Bob Brill brings them out with his unique interviewing style. Enjoy! Check out this episode! When you meet Rock Riddle and sit down to talk with him you realize he was born to do two things in life; be a wrestler and to be a Hollywood publicist. Both of which he has been and currently is. And he's always dapper no matter where he is. In my weekly Podcast; “Interesting People with Bob Brill” which you can find on iTunes and via many APPs, I sat down with Rock to talk about what makes a teen-age boy suddenly decide he wants to be a wrestler. A young kid raised in rural North Carolina, he wanted out. From Tobacco Road to Hollywood is a mighty trek but he made it.  He didn’t only become a wrestler, he created and became Mr. Wonderful (he always push