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Steven Gieger; The Mensch Foundation International

                                 (Steven Geiger, Founder Mensch International Foundation)

"Interesting People with Bob Brill" a podcast with Steven Geiger, founder of the Mensch International Foundation. 

So what is a Mensch? It's the first question I put to Steven Geiger, the founder of the Mensch International Foundation. His answer simply, "its a German word meaning 'Human Being.'" In one of the most entertaining hour long podcasts we've done, Steven talks about being a Mensch and who is and who isn't in today's society, as well as how to become one.

And being a better human being is what the foundation is all about, and teaching younger people how to be a Mensch. It's also about the Holocaust. Steven is the child of Holocaust survivors, survivors of the death camps. Born in Hungary, he grew up in the United States and like so many in the community, feels people are forgetting about what happened, and like most in the community, feels this cannot ever happen.

He gives his Mensch Award to people to honor them for their kindness and their service. A YouTube video exists of his giving the award to George H. W. Bush who came to the event to receive it. It was a wonderful experience.

The goal of the foundation is to help end antisemitism and racism and to teach people to be a Mensch.

His goal is to distribute a book on the Holocaust with the name of a different family who perished in the camps, in each book. Where schools are mandated to teach the Holocaust in the United States, he wants to get the book to those classroom teachers to use. The book teaches kids what is a Mensch and how to become one; a better human being.

The book, "Holocaust Memoirs; Be A Mench" is written by Dr. Alexander White. Find out more at the Foundation website, or contact Steven Geiger at, or reach him by phone at 760-416-3685.


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